About me

I'm a multidisciplinary engineer with a holistic thinking

I love learning to develop new ideas. When I'm not brainstorming for a project, coding or researching I'll probably be drawing, trying to learn Chinese calligraphy or hiking in the woods.


Production engineer of an ultra light aircraft

Fiber Laminates 2019-2020

Controlled the quality and manufacture of the composite parts of the aircraft. Manufacturing process training for a team of engineers from a client company.


R+D Engineer at WTG blades department

IM Future 2017-2019

Managed development projects from concept to functional prototypes. Answered technical consulting questions and proposed solution ideas to our customers. Audited several blade manufacturing factories as an independent expert.


Design engineer of ultra light aircrafts

Colyaer 2016-2017

Redesigned and improved mechanical parts of the aircraft. Proposed technical solutions based on structural and aerodynamic calculus. Managed the workshop team and controlled the quality and manufacture of the composite parts.

R+D Engineer at WTG blades department

IM Future 2016

Designed and modeled parts and tools to be 3D printed. Answered technical consulting questions based on aerodynamic analysis.


Research assistant

Fraunhofer ICT 2014

Researched on composite material recycling logistics in Europe inside a proposal for Horizon 2020 program.


Master in energy and sustainability

Universidad de Vigo, 2015-2016

Thesis: Analysis of added devices to improve performance on wind turbines using real performance data and CFD simulations.

Bachelors' degree in aerospace engineering

UEM, Madrid. 2010-2014

Thesis: Preliminary design of a light, electric and aerobatic aircraft.