Long-endurance and stable electric pseudo satellite concept

This aircraft is meant to be slow, solar, very efficient and very stable; a perfect platform to develop a pseudo satellite that can be airborne for long periods of time.

Concept aircraft | 2015
Rombo aircraft flying over the clouds.
Rombo sketch.

This concept idea happened while brainstorming for Trasgo project, but it was interesting enough to be further explored and defined.

Rombo sketch.

The initial configuration started with the idea of connecting the wing and tail surfaces to take advantage of some aerodynamic effects. However, the interesting part was the position of the engine right in the center of the aircraft. This allowed for smooth maneuvers since the force from the engine and propeller was aligned with the center of mass.

Connecting the wing and tail surfaces lead to a big wing surface overall that opened the possibility of using solar power like many soaring UAVs already do. And the closed rhombus geometry was perfect to integrate a big antenna for communications.

antenna and batteries placement diagram

All these characteristics aligned with the mission of a pseudo satellite that can soar over a specific place for a long time.

Rombo view Rombo 3 views Rombo landing gear