3D simulation of the manufacture process of a RC prototype

This 3D technical animation was a project to design the structure and manufacture process of a RC model of Trasgo aircraft.

3D animation | 2015
Trasgo 3d Animation screenshot

The geometry of the Trasgo aircraft required a different structure from conventional ones. I wanted to build a radio-controlled prototype myself using balsa wood as a starting point. I started with some drawings and models but I ended up doing a whole simulation to figure out the assembly and the steps for its manufacture.

Using this model and animation as a validation for the assembly I started the detailed design and building of the wing.

Trasgo wing technical drawings balsa wood wing structure balsa wood wing structure balsa wood wing structure

Only part of the prototype was actually build, specifically the wing shown in the pictures that had a total span of 1.5 meters. However, the modeling, manufacture and iteration process were a great training experience for addressing similar challenges in the future